Planning Your 40th Wedding Anniversary Party

When planning a 40th wedding anniversary, couples must feel and think about how they want to honor their special day. Coming to the new wedding year is certainly an opportunity to celebrate. Reaching 40 years of marriage is definitely a celebration that must be planned!

The success of a party depends on your ability to organize and plan ahead. But first, relax and feel the type of party you like, be it an official dinner with family and friends or a beach or casual barbecue.

Formal and informal topics require committees to help the event run smoothly. It’s not enough to organize a very fun and meaningful event. Costs must also be taken into account. The role of the budget subcommittee is to prepare a budget and track how much and from whom the money will / will be spent. The food subcommittee makes decisions on this very important food issue, while the program team decides what everyone should do. Never forget the Photography and Video group to document the big day!

Pamper yourself in the selection of wedding anniversary party supplies to create a warm and passionate atmosphere! Start with the birthday color of two magical elements related to the symbolism of fire and blood, which imply the warmth and life for humanity: ruby ​​red. This is not just an old nuance. No, it’s a really pure, warm, vibrant and strong color that shows strength and passion.

Wash the room with glitter ruby ​​in flowers, centerpieces, balloons and flower vases. Save decoration, sometimes a little more. Light classic romantic songs from the 70s or songs from your wedding date, served with red wine and scented red candles that will fill the house with delicious aromas.

Many gift ideas are associated with traditional wedding anniversary gifts and modern ruby ​​wedding celebrations, and most are ruby-themed. In the world of amazing precious stones, rubies are an undeniable rule. Ruby rings for husbands, ruby ​​rings for women, ruby ​​cuffs or ruby ​​tie pins release a strong warmth and sense of vitality for the men and women who wear them. There are also ruby-colored items, such as ruby ​​red scarves, ruby ​​red glass bowls, red ruby ​​winter blankets, ruby ​​red frames with the couple’s original wedding photos, and ruby ​​red mugs, to name a few. Sending a ruby ​​birthday flower, nasturtium, or even 40 red roses symbolizes what is pure and virgin, which conveys feelings of true love and passion.

Coming up with entertainment is the best to liven up the party! A slide show of several photos that highlight 40 years together, including weddings, inhabited homes, children, grandchildren, friends, shared places, etc. are some ideas for your 40th wedding anniversary that need to be included. Ask family and friends to share stories and speeches about the couple. Those who are talented like singing and dancing can play.

Resigning after today’s event doesn’t mean your 40th wedding anniversary is over. The night is still young to begin. Organizing an evening vacation or preparing a romantic aura in the couple’s nest with red sheets and soft pillows with “Happy Birthday Ruby” written in dark red will never allow couples to forget what is worth remembering.